Video Testimonials

Capture authentic, powerful, and user-generated videos from any device, anywhere.

Easily see and hear your community

Get real, emotive video stories from your online community and use them in your digital marketing.

Detailed analytics & insights

Get detailed analytics and comprehensive lead generation for everyone who submits a video. It’s a perfect way to develop your list while simultaneously capturing user-generated video.

Easy installation

Adding Video Testimonials to your website is as simple as hyperlinking a button. There’s no software to install and no upkeep.

How it works

1. Embed the code

Once you've decided what page you'd like to use the tool on, copy and paste your custom code on to your website. Adding the tool is as simple as adding a hyperlink.


2. Collect user videos

After your campaign has launched, watch and save the best videos that come in. We provide raw video file access, so you can download and share the top submissions.

3. Share the best stories

Take your best and most engaging community videos and share them to Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you engage with your base!


Why does video matter?

  • 85% of consumers find visual user-generated content more influential than brand posts 

  • 90% of people thought seeing a review helped them pull the trigger on a purchase/donation

  • Landing pages that use videos see an 80% increase in conversions
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