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Give your audience the ability to take meaningful action right from your news content

Gather inspiring content

Hear (and see) your viewers. Gather their reactions to news, local stories, or hear what they think of your content with user-submitted videos.

Activate your audience

Allow your viewers to take action and follow up on stories that effect their community by allowing them to directly engage with lawmakers and decisionmakers.

Add authenticity

Produce more authentic broadcasts and web content by making and ask your community to provide their opinions on the hot topics of the day.

KSTP + Countable

KSTP is working with Countable to offer their viewers a seamless, new way to influence the news. Readers can take action on political content by reaching out to their lawmakers, and contribute video messages with their opinions and suggestions. In so doing, KSTP is deepening user engagement, decreasing bounce rates, and elongating read-time on their articles.

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