Lawmaker Engagement

Give your audience the ability to contact lawmakers right from your content

Quick and easy setup

Lawmaker Engagement couldn’t be simpler to integrate. Just choose a page or content to embed it on, copy and paste a snippet of code, and then you’re off to the races.

Customizable recipients

Want to message U.S. Senators or Representatives? How about members of a particular state legislature? With the Lawmaker Engagement tool, you can easily specify target recipients with a single customizable parameter.

Detailed analytics

You’ll receive detailed analytics and comprehensive lead generation for everyone who sends a message. It’s a perfect way to grow your list while simultaneously connecting people with their lawmakers.

Try it out

Make it easy to connect your audience with lawmakers. Our embeddable technology never redirects traffic away from your site, improves conversion 2-3x, and facilitates email and video messaging.  

See it in action

Everyone has an opinion on immigration reform, and New American Economy leveraged our Lawmaker Engagement technology to connect their audience with lawmakers. They’ve reached out to people all throughout the country, collecting reasons for reform and communicating them to Congress.

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